Thanks for sharing gRegor, sending big hugs πŸ€—πŸ’œ

It's a very difficult time, and I echo your concern about people thinking COVID is over 😬

I've been a bit more isolated than before too (as very well put in, but fortunately I live with my partner so I'm not exactly that isolated.

During COVID I bought a house, and the overwhelming nature of it all, as well as everything going on already sent me down a depressive spiral, but fortunately with enough help from my partner I sought therapy and started working towards getting out.

One thing with therapy is finding the right therapist - I know it will feel like starting from the beginning with someone new, but could help? But either way it's still a tonne of effort so good on you going through it, and making progress on looking after yourself

Are there any hobbies / things you can do as a way to relax and focus on? I've found jigsaws/playing with Lego has helped a fair bit, whereas I would usually just use gaming as complete escapism

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