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Rachel's talk 'The power of change - learning to live as a "weirdo"' was really quite amazing.

It's a difficult thing to talk about mental health, especially to those of us who aren't very close to it to understand what it's like, but Rachel knocked it out of the park with a great illustration of what autism can be like in terms of the reality of the spectrum and the many different effects it can have.

We started with a bit of humour and a funny title, but she took us through a journey of autism, ADHD, depression, and spun a really intriguing story.

There was a great mix of humour alongside this serious topic, and I love that Rachel ended with two thoughts - she realised that she didn't want to be "normal" but wanted to be authentic, and that:

no one interesting is normal

I'd urge you to see this talk if you're able to catch it again!

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