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This content type is full of IndieWeb post types, which are all content types which allow me to take greater ownership of my own data. These are likely unrelated to my blog posts. You can find a better breakdown by actual post kind below:


One of the perks of moving into my #NewHouse was that it'd allow me to go over to Lidl to get warm cookies whenever I wanted. It's been just over a month, and I've done it - starting the day with a warm, gooey cookie and a good cup of tea is the best ways to start a week 🍪🍵



After years of actively avoiding any outside stuff, or exercise, (despite a few years prior going to the gym fairly regularly) I started doing in the first lockdown and it's been the first time I've actively, and regularly, done exercise. I'm doing it 3 times a week, enjoying it, and have found that I'm getting fitter and growing muscle!