Kind notes


Well, I think I've cracked it - after a few weeks of on-and-off work on making my webmention sending not spam everyone (see ) - it's now not re-sending them if they're successful. This is a good first step, but I'll be improving it to re-send if the post's data has changed since last time it tried (in the future).

Note that this isn't quite done yet, expect it to be live tomorrow perhaps.


Lots of trick or treaters out tonight. So the best thing is to turn the lights low and pretend you're not in.... Right?


Woo, thanks to for releasing an update of the wonderful Android app which adds in a fix to not send multiple bearer tokens in Micropub requests ( )

This started breaking for me when I upgraded my Micropub endpoint to use the spring-oauth2-resource-server module ( ) which is a well-formed OAuth2 server, whereas my previous implementation was not.

Super speedy fix, and glad to be back to using the app again!


I've just updated my posts and to allow it to work with pretty-printing encrypted JWTs (without decrypting) - this was a bit of a pain point of mine I've finally got around to sorting.


Great to see that has realised the error in their ways, even if it was only meant for a small group (but not written as such)

I still think there's some lasting damage there and we should still be looking to build open platforms.


Happy #PronounsDay! My pronouns are he/him/his, and you can read them programmatically on my website (using #Microformats), as described in

It's super important to make them visible so folks everywhere are more comfortable sharing their pronouns


Day trip to London tomorrow, so 4+ hours on the train - hoping to finish my writeup of DevOpsDays London as it was a great conference and I'd love to share it with y'all!


Had a very exciting end to the week.

I'm looking forward to sharing some news on Monday - keep an eye out for a blog post!


So very close to having my IWC Amsterdam blog post finished before WIT Notts - may have to see if I can get the last bit sorted before the talks start!


Nothing like a fire alarm when you're fast asleep to get the blood moving..


It's been an awesome day at IndieWebCamp Amsterdam!

The afternoon was chatting about licenses and ownership, then looking at how to migrate folks from silos to IndieWeb with a long term strategy, then some discussions about events, RSVPs and calendars, and finally all things syndication.

Got some great discussions, and lots of interesting things to play with tomorrow at the hack day!


Interesting start to the morning at IndieWebCamp Amsterdam - we've spoken about accessibility of the Web and IndieWeb, and about how private posts and privacy should work


I'm really enjoying the intros at IndieWebCamp Amsterdam. Its nice to see the range of websites, the technology usages, and that some folks are posting while they're talking while others haven't touched their sites in years.

It's an exciting chance to get reinvigorated!


En route to my first IndieWebCamp (Amsterdam) after a great couple of days at DevOpsDays London.

I'm really looking forward to meeting some folks and talking about owning more of my little corner of the Web, and meeting the faces behind the websites I frequent!


Yesterday I met someone who, after my talk Overengineering Your Personal Website at last year's DevOpsDays London, started building their own website. That's awesome! 🙌🏼


But I also have some tweaks to make sure I render a title for /mf2/ entries, as currently search doesn't help as it's just an empty string returned for things that match


I think at tonight I'm going to write a how-to for setting up your first h-card, similar to


Starting off the week nicely with a massage. May have napped through a little bit 😴


I'm happy to announce that all three instances of Homebrew Website Club Nottingham in October are going to be dedicated to Hacktoberfest! This is super exciting, and I'm hoping to possibly get some extra swag for it.

I hope you're able to come along and contribute back to some of the projects we're all using for our websites, or maybe find something new to play with for your site.

I'll also be looking to create a blog post about what Hacktoberfest is and why you should get involved - keep an eye out!


I want to say a big thanks for everyone who came to this evening to hear my talk about the IndieWeb!

I hope you all got something out of the talk and it's encouraged you to look into it a bit more - come along to for more IndieWeb + personal website building.

I'm looking forward to getting a blog post out, covering it, but that may have to wait until I give the talk at in October.


I've just removed categories as a thing from my website. I'm still using tags on all the content, but categories no longer exist. This is for a few reasons:

  • categories are not Microformats2 markup-able (as we can't distinguish between tags and categories, it's just p-category which we use for tags)
  • categories in the site are not currently hierarchical - although they may be defined as such, they're not presented like it
  • categories are not any more meaningful than tags, as they're almost always the same, or a reduced set, compared to the tags

So we may as well just remove support for them, as they serve exactly zero purpose.


Correctly using bookmarks (instead of reposts)

As I've embraced indie post types, such as reposts, I've noticed that actually I've been using them wrong.

Looking at it appears I've been conflating a "retweet" on Twitter with a "repost", thinking they were the same. Alas, they are not, and it makes more sense to be a bookmark.

I've since updated the posts using the wrong type and will get things right next time!


My first impressions with the Pixel 3A

Last week I replaced my OnePlus 3 with a Pixel 3A.

Both Anna ( and I have been thinking about getting a new phone for a while, but as both our phones were doing fairly ok, and we didn't want any unnecessary expenses, we decided to keep an eye out but not yet get anything.

I'd originally heard about the Pixel 3A on the TechMeme Ride Home podcast ( which sounded really nice.

But then when I saw both Ed George ( ) and Graham Smith ( ) tweeting about the fact that they had just got one, I was very interested. As respected Android devs, I see them both as having done the research and know what they're doing - so it meant that I didn't have to do as much research, right??

I could've waited, in all fairness, but Google did a deal where you got a Nest Home Hub, too, so it meant the phone was effectively £280 instead of £400, and we all know I love a good deal. Unfortunately that it still in the box, as is the Google Home Mini I've got, but maybe one day they'll make their way out - we're an Alexa household currently, but are looking at being multi-platform.

So what are my opening thoughts, one week in?

  • The migration tool was pretty cool, especially being able to just connect up another phone and have it sync, but for some reason my Google Play Store decided not to download anything so that didn't quite work as expected
  • I had rooted my OnePlus 3 so I could get better privacy control over my device, but hadn't used much on the rooting side for a while, largely because Google are making it such a pain to do. I decided I wouldn't root this device quite yet, which means I'm able to use Google Pay - which so far I've done a couple of times and it's been pretty useful, but has just saved me getting my wallet out
  • Battery is much better than my two year old OnePlus 3, and the second day I had it I was tethering + playing music almost all day without it even running out of charge the following morning. Pretty decent!
  • I am however missing some of the convenience gestures I could use from the lock screen - turning the torch on quickly, and controlling my music
  • I'm a fan of the always-on display, especially as it prompts me with the upcoming calendar event
  • The fast charge seems to be on par with the OnePlus Dash Charge - again a big decided in whether I got it or not, as being able to quickly boost battery was very important
  • It has a headphone jack, so I'm happy
  • Booting is super speedy - not that I need to that often, but it's good to have!
  • I'm liking Android Pie, although I'm sad I no longer have the multitasking button so can't toggle apps as quickly
  • I bought an official case, which although a bit pricey was quite nice, and has a good feel to it
  • The camera seems to be pretty decent, from the few shots I've taken of our black cat, Morph

Overall it seems to be going well - hopefully it'll last as long as my OnePlus 3!

EDIT: And something I forgot to mention was that the fingerprint sensor isn't in my location. I'm very used to it being where the home button is on my OnePlus 3, and combined with the placement of the headphone jack on top, it means I'll regularly unlock my phone as I'm taking it out of my pocket, which is quite annoying.

EDIT: I also found the way to easily swap between apps is by swiping on the soft touch buttons, left to right. And by holding it for longer I can skip between multiple apps - nice stuff!


Joining PHPMiNDS' organising team

I'm super excited to announce that I'm joining the organising team for !

Trawling back through the group for PHPMiNDS, I found the earliest time I marked myself as attending was November 2016.

I've never been a PHP dev, although I've dabbled for years. But I've always seen it as a great community, and have been attending for most months since then.

Attending tech meetups has always been about bettering myself, and learning more, and the talks at PHPMiNDS can absolutely be applied to my work, despite it being a different tech stack.

Before Shaun had mentioned to me about looking for another pair of hands with organising PHPMiNDS, and after a little bit of time to mull it over I decided I would definitely be interested in getting involved.

I'm really excited to start to help out Adoni ( and Shaun ( with organising the meetup, and I hope continue making it as awesome for others as it has been to me.


Extending to allow for other post types

Announcing support for posting notes to my website.

Welcome to my first ! Notes are short-form content that will be purely plain text (for now!) and are similar to tweets on Twitter or toots on Mastodon, but won't be size limited.

I've been wanting to creating other post types since starting to use and having a social feed. I've found that I want to interact with other posts, such as like or repost others' content, much as I would do with Twitter.

Discoverability of notes currently aren't super amazing, but I'm tackling it as part of because adding these post types was a large enough piece of work.

With this note, I'll now be able to , , , , and .

RSVPs are an interesting one, because the end goal I want is for my RSVPs to be syndicated from this site to i.e.

I'm hoping to work on bringing support to this site, too, but as it's a static site with and hosted on with a full build/test/deploy pipeline, it'll be a little less straightforward, and slower, than other solutions.

I've designed the content schema to be Micropub-first, as I want to be writing these posts using a Micropub client, rather than my usual workflow. I've made the source files JSON files (which Hugo natively supports) which makes them easily machine writeable - hopefully it'll teach me to prioritise my Micropub support so I don't have to manually write JSON!

In terms of licensing, I'm going to start by them in line with my posts, as , but down the line I may look at other licenses.