Kind notes


Whenever I see a profile view on LinkedIn from someone who works at a company I used to work at, I always wonder what it means. Like, are you interested in who was in the git blame? Did you find something I've done, or heard a story about me and want to know more?

I guess we'll never know πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ


If you're able to see this post (on the Fediverse) yay! That means your admin hasn't blocked Bridgy Fed which I use to bridge my website with the Fediverse so I can chat to y'all.

This is likely due to recent discussion around the upcoming BlueSky bridge and opt-out being the default decision.

I don't dispute the freedom or choice to block Bridgy, and am definitely taking some time to think about how I feel about the varying thoughts, but the main thing is that it looks like several admins have blocked Bridgy altogether, resulting in not just the blocking of the upcoming BlueSky bridge (at a separate domain under but also classes Bridgy as Tier 0:

Tier 0 is a combined blocklist of only the worst actors, and it exists to provide one blocklist to which surely no one can object as a baseline for others. It's the perfect starting list for any new mastodon admin.

So it could be my time interacting with the Fediverse is going to be cut short, and I'll be screaming into the void very much moreso πŸ˜…


Well, I'm home after a great couple of days at #StateOfOpenCon #SOOCon24, which has given me lots to think about. There were some great talks, some really interesting hallway track conversations, and nice to meet friends old and new.

First of all a huge thank you to the organisers - there were so many of you behind the scenes doing such great work to make the event a massive success. I've seen the effort that it can take to do a single track conference let alone 8 tracks(!!!) so it's a huge result, and I hope y'all are gonna have some well deserved rest!

I'd like to say in particular a bit thank you for the work that @andypiper has been doing in the lead up to the conference to support the speakers, being warm, super helpful and supportive, as well as seeing them busy over the conference helping ensure everything was going well

And a big thanks to @AmandaBrock for all her excellent work with OpenUK and State of Open Con πŸ™Œ

I'll definitely be making my way back next year πŸ‘€ And I'll be (re)watching talks as they pop up!


Today I've been emailed by both Clever Cloud and Heroku around "your account hasn't been used in some time so we're gonna delete it" - coincidence, or is today their "clean up all the old accounts day"?


Something cool newer #git versions are doing - you'll now see Reapply instead of Revert Revert ... in commit messages, if you're reverting a revert.

In an older version of Git (i.e. with 2.34.x) you would see:

Revert "Revert "Commit title here""
Revert "Commit title here"
Commit title here

However, in newer versions (i.e. with 2.43.x) you now see:

Reapply "Commit title here"
Revert "Commit title here"
Commit title here

Which makes it a little bit cleaner in your Git log


Anyone know a good place to ask #sqlite or #sql questions?

I'm trying to convert rows (produced by a big query that then uses a GROUP BY advisory_type) that produces data like:

-- the `advisory_type` can be one of multiple values, i.e. SECURITY, DEPRECATED, UNSUPPORTED
repo    advisory_type  total_advisories
------  -------------  ----------------  SECURITY       10        DEPRECATED     5               

And I'm trying to convert this to:

repo    total_security total_deprecated total_unmaintained
------  -------------  ---------------- ----------------  10             5                0               

Any clue how I'd go about doing so? Happy to provide more details / some data for you to query too, but been playing around with it on and off and not really having any luck.


I've just found in my notes app that I wanted to write A plea to SCA vendors but I've not written down what that plea is so now I'm annoyed at past me assuming future me would know πŸ˜…


Love to get an email from #Vercel: You’re off the waitlist for Next.js Conf 2023 and are officially registered. despite never registering for the event. I also can't unsubscribe because (allegedly) This email contains important information about an event you registered for and cannot be unsubscribed from.

Regretting signing up for their prize giveaway at #LeadDev London, especially as this isn't the only thing I've been emailed about but can't unsubscribe from of theirs 🫠