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Will work ever love us back? Two millennials disagree.

Thanks to Carol Gilabert for sharing this podcast last week.

Since leaving Capital One, I've realised that a lot of my self esteem and self worth has been poured into my work, and I was (mostly) getting a lot of satisfaction out of work, and enjoyed the fact that I was always busy, with sprint work, out-of-sprint work, and a tonne of internal side projects to work on, as well as general maintenance of libraries, as well as a wealth of proactive production support.

With my new role at the Data Standards Authority, I've been working to strike a better life-work balance, and the lack of "here's a billion things to work on at the same time" that I thought I was thriving on has made me realise that maybe I've been so used to being in this mode that I just assumed that I did enjoy it.

This podcast (and its transcript) is a good look at The Great Resignation, the way that workers across industries have been reconsidering their relationship to work, and with a wealth of options for jobs out here, as well as thinking about not what they want, but deserve.

I'm still working on my own relationship with work and how I find fulfillment in my life, and would recommend you have a listen/read to see if there's anything in there for you, too.

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I'd agree that learning skills is important, especially as general command line proficiency can be helpful regardless of how you host but remember that everything is a tradeoff - what does your company differentiate on, and do you have time to learn how to scale infra or can you outsource to get to market quicker?

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This is great for anyone using Actions, as this was seen to be a vulnerability for getting past code review

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