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A great writeup of a huge event - when I went a few years ago I was bowled over by how much time I'd need to spend to see everything I wanted to (hint: it was more than the few days I was there)

Recommended read: 🇵🇹 WebSummit 2019


This is a great resource to highlight the difficulty of creating temporary files safely - something I've tried to share before but without these great examples.

Its especially bad if using a shared CI/CD server and putting downloaded files into /tmp as you don't know whether it'll be clobbered / stolen by others on the instance

Recommended read: Safely Creating And Using Temporary Files


A huge milestone, and a great look back at the way Ton is helping to change the community for the better by promoting better practices on ownership of our data

Recommended read: 17 Years of Blogging


Such a great, in-depth writeup! I'd not been able to make it to many of the sessions so this is super helpful

Recommended read: DDD East Midlands 2019 In Review


Although I've not played for ~1 year, this is very tempting. The Overwatch team sure do know how to create an awesome cinematic!

Recommended read: Overwatch 2 Announce Cinematic | “Zero Hour”