Kind articles

2018 in Review

Looking back at 2018 as a whole - both the positives and negatives, and looking forward to 2019.

Happy Second Appendixaversary

Celebrating the second anniversary since my appendix ruptured - and reminiscing on the benefits of a well-funded NHS.

Minifying JSON with Ruby

How to take a pretty-printed JSON string and replace it with a minifed JSON string using Ruby.

Creating a Global .gitignore

How to have Git have a list of files to globally ignore, without configuring anything in your ~/.gitconfig.

Off Days

It's OK to not be 100% every day.

Owning My Step Count

Sharing the journey of starting to own my step counts and my technical solution.

DevOpsDays London 2019

A writeup of the DevOpsDays London conference, and the talks and Open Spaces I attended.

IndieWebCamp Amsterdam 2019

Recapping my time at IndieWebCamp Amsterdam, my first 'official' IndieWeb event, and meeting some of the big names in the community.

Testing Your SLF4J Logs

Looking at how we would unit test our SLF4J logs to gain confidence they work, and to catch regressions in the future.

Hello IndieAuth!

Setting up my IndieAuth provider for interacting with IndieWeb applications everywhere.

Hello IndieNews!

Discovering IndieNews and starting to syndicate my posts to it.

I'm Not Good With People

A bit of a raw look about how I'm really poor in social situations, how I've got to this realisation, and how I want to do better about it.


Recapping my time at the Free and Open Source Developers Europe Meeting conference in Brussels.

Hackference 2018

A review of my time at Hackference's 1-day conference and 24-hour hackathon.

DevOpsDays London 2018

My writeup of my first DevOpsDays conference, and the awesome talks and conversations I was part of.

OggCamp 2018

A look at my time at OggCamp 2018, the talks I presented and attended.

Some exciting job and knowledge-sharing news

Moving into Quality Engineering, publishing Chef training courses, conference speaking about Chef at OggCamp and the complex mess that is this very static website at DevOpsDays London.

2017 in Review

A look back over the awesome (and not so awesome) things that happened in 2017, and a look forward to what 2018 holds.

Hackference 2017

My summary of the Hackference 2017 conference and hackathon.

Why You Should Use

A discussion about the reasons that I would greatly recommend the platform for all your Git hosting, opposed to its competitors.


A few words ahead of the storm of articles.

Open S-awesome

A month of giving back, and a very honest post-mortem of what I learned.

Hacktoberfest 2016

A few words about my excitement for the start of Hacktoberfest, and some ideas on how to get started yourself.

The Sony Hack

A discussion about Sony Pictures Entertainment being hacked in the months before the release of the action comedy, The Interview, and its depiction of Kim Jong Un.

Game of Drones

Discussing how drones will be shaping the future of the delivery business.