Homebrew Website Club: Nottingham

Homebrew Website Club Nottingham: October, Hacktoberfest takeover edition.

From to at Ludorati Cafe 72 Maid Marian Way Nottingham United Kingdom NG1 6BJ

The Homebrew Website Club is a regular meeting for enthusiasts and hobbyist programmers who are building, or thinking of building, their personal websites. The meeting is an informal setting where you can talk with others, get inspiration, or quietly work on your site.

However, for the magic month of Hacktoberfest, Homebrew Website Club Nottingham is having a Hacktoberfest takeover!

Come to meet to work on contributing (or learning how to get started with contributing) to Open Source software, others' websites, and hopefully get one Pull Request closer to a T-shirt of cosmic proportions!

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