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Hi, I'm Jamie Tanna (he/him/his), and I'm currently a Senior Software Engineer at Deliveroo.

I currently live in Nottingham with my partner Anna Dodson and our cat Morph and our puppy Cookie.

I use my site as a method of blogging about my learnings, as well as sharing information about projects I have previously, or are currently, working on in my spare time.

I'm a GNU/Linux user, a big advocate for the Free Software Movement, and the IndieWeb movement and I try to self host my own services where possible, instead of relying on other providers.

Drop me an email at hi@jamietanna.co.uk, or using any of the other social links below.

My birthday is on the .


Has anyone got a good example of a CLI that allows CRUD operations across many fields, some which are optional and some which are multi-value?

I'm using glab and gh as inspiration, but wondered if there are other ones I can follow


#Cookie is a little more obvious, as she keeps getting up and flopping back down in a slightly different position, enjoying the sun

Cookie flopped on her side, with one paw mid-scratch on the side of her face, stretched out and enjoying the sun


Listened to EPISODE #16 - WoW nerd & one of the biggest Onlyfans creators - Lichlings by derps'n'burps podcast
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GUEST EPISODE GUYS! This time Julia & Stefie invited another gorgeous queen to the podcast, Kayla aka Lichlings. They talk about her job as a streamer and adult content creator on OnlyFans. They share their experiences with the website & what makes it special/better than other social media. Enjoyed this episode? Make sure to like & subscribe to our Podcast channel or follow us on Twitter | Instagram | Youtube @derspnburps


Very excited to be on my way to London to the annual internal #Deliveroo hackathon, #hackaroo! Looking forward to meeting some of my new colleagues and getting a chance to build some cool stuff that I probably can't tell you about unless you come join the team 👀


Reposted a post on Twitter
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Has anyone built a bot that replies to screenshots of tweets to give original source? Weirdly really grinds my gears


#Cookie has decided we're sunning ourselves in the conservatory this afternoon. Luckily I have my laptop, cause I'm not allowed to move 😂

A view of the side of Jamie's leg, with Cookie the dog lying pushed up against him, on her side asleep, in a cute Zeedog harness


The problem is when you have a lot of posts, names start overlapping, or you want to make the date it was from more visible.

Still I do agree it can be useful!

Recommended read: Short URLs: why and how https://sive.rs/su