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Hi, I'm Jamie Tanna (he/him/his), and I'm currently a Tech Lead (Senior Software Engineer) at the Central Digital and Data Office where I'm working under the Data Standards Authority on api.gov.uk, improving cross-agency API usage, and the further development of https://www.api.gov.uk/.

I currently live in Nottingham with my partner Anna Dodson and our beautiful terror of a cat Morph.

I use my site as a method of blogging about my learnings, as well as sharing information about projects I have previously, or are currently, working on in my spare time.

I'm a GNU/Linux user, a big advocate for the Free Software Movement, and the IndieWeb movement and I try to self host my own services where possible, instead of relying on other providers.

Drop me an email at hi@jamietanna.co.uk, or using any of the other social links below.

My birthday is on the .


Self care is your first back massage in 18 months followed by a free McDonald's chocolate milkshake 😋


It's Lighting Talks at #TechNott tonight, which is always a super fun evening - I'll be talking about #salary and some of the Korma-level spice that's come out of my post about it last month https://www.jvt.me/posts/2021/09/09/public-salary-history/


Today is the #Wiremock project's 10th birthday! That's a wonderful milestone to hit - thanks for all the work you've been doing over the years Tom Akehurst - it's made a huge difference for the way I've built software over the years!


Thanks very much for sharing Tom 🙌🏼 this is really interesting to see!



Thanks for covering this, there was some really good discussion - I do hope that more folks share their salaries to help more junior / underrepresented groups get what they're worth!