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Hi, I'm Jamie Tanna (he/him/his), and I'm currently a Tech Lead (Software Development Engineer 3) at Capital One UK where I'm working on Third Party API engineering.

I currently live in Nottingham with my partner Anna Dodson and our beautiful terror of a cat Morph.

I use my site as a method of blogging about my learnings, as well as sharing information about projects I have previously, or are currently, working on in my spare time.

I'm a GNU/Linux user, a big advocate for the Free Software Movement, and the IndieWeb movement and I try to self host my own services where possible, instead of relying on other providers.

Drop me an email at hi@jamietanna.co.uk, or using any of the other social links below.

My birthday is on the .


Enhanced Shell Scripting with Ruby

I very much recommend learning how to use a more well-structured scripting language than Bash, as languages such as Ruby have a great standard library, a huge ecosystem of other libraries, and are commonly installed across machines - this is a great look at partially replacing shell scripts with Ruby

Recommended read: Enhanced Shell Scripting with Ruby https://www.devdungeon.com/content/enhanced-shell-scripting-ruby


It turns out that I'm the sort of psychopath who grates cheese long side first 🙀


Here's a lovely insight into #LifeAtCapitalOne - my whole tribe (the Grow tribe) have just received a lovely care package from the wonderful Team Building Committee, in lieu of an in-person "fun day". Small things like this make it such a lovely place to work 💜

A USB fan, a Dairy Milk Bar, a KitKat, a mug with the Grow tribe logo on it, a short note, and some bee-friendly wildflower sees


This is a top tip from @rikshawindian - if your customer orders a curry with Medium spice but you accidentally make it as a Hot, just update the writing on the container, as they won't be able to tell the difference when eating their lava 🔥🙄

A container of curry from Rikshaw, with the word "Hot" scribbled out and replaced with "Med"